The most typical salary is CA$ 281,428 (Gross). Those employed as researchers in government sector can have a starting salary of Rs.9000 per month along with government perks/allowances. Salaries range from 88,700 PKR (lowest) to 254,000 PKR (highest).. A Biochemist in the Montreal Area area reported making $20 per hour. Time to read the page 30 min. The most typical salary is CA$ 93,291 (Gross). View Healthcare & Medical Jobs now available in Canada, including Biochemical Expert & Biochemical Specialist so register to develop your Biochemist career. What about healthcare and dental costs in Canada? Average Salary. Depending on where in Canada you choose to settle, your salary could differ massively as employers compensate for the cost of their city. Salary in Canada Find out what is the average salary for your position. Average salary for Doctor in Canada is CA$ 165,883. Just like any other job, the salary of a Microbiologist will increase as they become more experienced. COMPARE YOUR SALARY WITH OTHERS » Type in a job title: Popular jobs Year Month Week Day hour Accounting, Administration $51,383 Based on 31,459 salaries ... Average salaries per region. If you can make $18/hour as a single person working full time, that’s a good salary. Entry-level Microbiologists with little to no experience can expect to make anywhere between $41820 to $51740 per year or $20 to $25 per hour. COMPARE YOUR SALARY WITH OTHERS » If you can earn an average of $60,000/year or $5000/month you will live a solid middle class lifestyle. In private sector, Biochemist can earn a starting salary of about 15,000-20,000 / - rupees per month. Average salary for Teacher in Canada is CA$ 83,178. Biochemist Salaries with a JD, MD, PhD or Equivalent ; Browse All Biotechnology Jobs by Salary Level. The average salary range for a Biochemist is between PHP 410,589 and PHP 727,023. A person working as a Biochemist in Pakistan typically earns around 167,000 PKR per month. Biochemists earned a median salary of $91,190 in 2017, meaning half the salaries were below this amount and half above. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Average take home earning is CA$ 113,110 (Net). Average take home earning is CA$ 61,495 (Net). One of Canada’s major attractions is the free healthcare system, meaning you won’t pay any direct fee for doctors’ visits or going to the emergency room.¹³. +1 (604) 639 3333 Call us on +1 (604) 639 3333. Biochemist salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Doctorate (PhD), Biochemistry (BCH) Degree. Time to read the page 30 min.