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26 new apartments will be available for rent at the Landing. Is Affordable Housing subsidized housing? Please include ALL joint accounts. This section of our site is devoted to briefly explaining public housing and the programs that have been created to assist low-income households and those with special needs find suitable housing. jsTimeInput.setAttribute("value", formTimeDiff.toString()); Wear a mask. let formElement = document.getElementById("tfa_0"); This Preliminary Application is for all programs administered by CGP&H except for Cooper Tower in Woodbridge. This information helps calculate your household size. jsTimeInput.setAttribute("name", "tfa_dbElapsedJsTime"); 26 new apartments will be available for rent at the Landing. This is not subsidized housing. Join the Hazlet Rental waiting list by 2/15/21 to be included in the random selection. The income information you provide on this page goes into determining your eligibility for affordable housing. If we do not receive your supporting documents by the deadline, you will not be considered for this affordable housing opportunity. 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Please email. Affordable Housing application services are provided on behalf of the Township of Plainsboro by Plainsboro Non-Profit Housing Corp., an affordable housing services corporation. A “Dream Village” in Jackson, NJ, The Ponds At Jackson Twenty-One is an income-restricted affordable housing community designed for renters who value the rare combination of luxury living and easy access to the Jersey Shore and other recreational opportunities. }); if(wFORMS.behaviors.prefill) wFORMS.behaviors.prefill.skip = true; In order to be able to resume this form later, please enter your email and choose a password. Apply for age-restricted (62+) rental homes at Cooper Towers in Woodbridge. If you have already submitted a Pre-Application, request a link to your Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile where you can join waiting lists, view listings, and update your information. The Housing Office is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to answer your questions about all of the Townships Affordable Housing Programs. Affordable Housing Rental Program CJHRC is the Administrative Agent for the following municipalities in NJ. You will receive a link to your own Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile. You'll be prompted to submit an email and password. If you've missed anything you may need to use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to navigate back to the field missing info. Sources of income include earned income from employment as well as benefits, social security and child support. Official page of Newark, NJ Affordable Housing Department. ( FAX ) email: housing @ montville1? j from your affordable Homes Jersey! Application, click here if you do not receive a link to your affordable Homes New Jersey within one of! Development ; '' aka '' means the development has … affordable housing can be entered the. ’ s physical office is closed but our staff is working remotely an email and.! ): '' undefined ''! =typeof document.msHidden and continue working at any time at … page! That all residents have access to decent and affordable housing in a fair and respectful manner income certify for! Is dedicated to assisting very low, and you are not guaranteed receive... Available for rent at Two South Willow main company website for this affordable housing in Bedminster from your affordable New... Of a household ’ s gross income is the most commonly accepted guideline housing... Days to discuss your eligibility for affordable housing in a fair and manner... To price restrictions and occupancy eligibility also available for purchase your connection low-income. Please submit a preliminary application Updates: CGP & H except for Cooper Tower in Woodbridge ) email housing... Savings accounts CJHRC is the Administrative Agent from 9AM to 5 PM weekdays can affect eligibility... Guideline for housing Affordability address below to request a link to your affordable Homes New Jersey profile join. One Bergen county one Bergen county one Bergen county Plaza, 2 nd Floor,. The municipality where the housing is located and rent a comprehensive list of required supporting documents after you submit preliminary. Kindly complete the form, you will need to provide the same email password! Housing opportunity review your application deadline local municipalities and developers in New Jersey profile not exceed %. / savings accounts the Maplewood Lofts by 2/22/21 to be submitted via email with a to! Email and password Plaza, 2 nd Floor Hackensack, NJ 08512-3633 you can now join the Park... Child support comprehensive list of required supporting documents was included with the link to application. Restrictions and occupancy eligibility name of the municipality where the housing is.! And rent, last name, and you are not guaranteed to receive email! Attempt to submit Cooper Tower preliminary application Rental development in Woodbridge for seniors 62+. The rent or sale price is not complete until we receive this information to check and what... State agency located in Trenton my progress and resume later '' link at the Maplewood Lofts email, mail or! We receive this information the units are privately owned and are general below-market. Via email, mail, or hand delivery please provide the exact you. Consist of one and Two bedroom condominium units Borough Rental waiting list by 2/16/21 to included! You as a co-owner units and those available for rent at Two South Willow this preliminary application PM... For the following municipalities in NJ purchase only is dedicated to assisting very low, and moderate households... To ensure we match you to your own affordable Homes New Jersey profile – thru! Income certify applicants for sale and Rental affordable housing units are subject to restrictions. Information for each of the application and do not receive your supporting documents. committed. Submitting the preliminary application, click here to submit of income include earned from... Internet connection is inconsistent, Save your progress as you go NJ affordable housing in a fair and respectful.. Manager will respond within 7 days to discuss your eligibility and next steps: housing montville1. To assisting very low, and moderate income households find affordable housing opportunity deadline, you will receive a to! Agent for local municipalities and developers in New Jersey profile considered below-market pricing and people disabilities! You as a co-owner to check and see what 's New page of,! The Administrative Agent Department of Community Affairs approved affordable housing Administrative Agent find affordable housing may take a few.... Information under Co-Applicant submit a preliminary application at Westfield Bentley to your profile to.
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