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The leader of a Chinese gang with ties to the. A young samurai who can turn into a dragon. After its death, Tathamet gave birth to the seven Great Evils, each being formed from one of Tathamet's heads while its body became the foundation of the Burning Hells. Falkor has distinctive canine features. A giant black dragon with glowing purple eyes that lives in The End Dimension. A failed attempt to control a gold dragon with a "rod" created by Profion is shown at the beginning of the film and two "dragon armies"-one of which is gold-the other-red-are featured in the Battle of Sumdall and The Empire of Izmir during the climax of the film. Known by many titles, he is revered as the lord of the sky in Final Fantasy. Male Dragon – Reign of Fire. Below you’ll find a huge collection of awesome bearded dragon names that have all been broken up into various categories ranging from everything to the most heroic sounding names on the planet through to names that are based on famous dragons from various books, movies and mythologies from around the world. Mushu – Red/Yellow dragon that helps guide Mulan. Bahamut of the Final Fantasy series, including alternate forms Neo-Bahamut and Bahamut Zero of Final Fantasy VII Introduction “Ryu”, and the Sea Dragon Sculptures & Temples Dragon Dance Shrines & Altars Ancient Japan Famous Japanese Dragons Note About … Yong (Mireu) A sky dragon, essentially the same as the Chinese lóng. It keeps secret hoards deep within the Earth. Horned and spined, with dark grey coloring. Any parent would be proud of giving their little girls any of these names, especially as a nickname. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, List of dragons in mythology and folklore, "Slathbog's Gold (Adventurers Wanted Series #1)", "...one of the most menacing villains in the Disney canon", "UltimateDisney.com's Top 30 Disney Villains Countdown", "Predaking rules in 'Transformers Prime' epilogue", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_dragons_in_popular_culture&oldid=997745147, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with trivia sections from December 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The greatest of the winged dragons. A fastfin dragon who shoots water from her mouth and swims in bodies of water. Hearing this from the Thrush the archer Bard killed Smaug. 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Alduin's younger brother who helps the player defeat him by helping him to learn the shout, Dragonrend. It was known as the Prime Evil and was created as a cast-off of all the dark attributes within Anu long before Sanctuary came into existence. The art above has kindly been submitted by BeingOfNature, click to visit his DeviantArt profile. Ghidorah– You could go with one of the monsters from the Godzilla movies. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. He is the only luckdragon to appear, although five others are mentioned in passing. Elvarg lives on the island of Crandor and is found underground, in a cave that is connected to Karamja through a series of tunnels. brenosdam, the Brave. Consider the examples below and choose your favorite dragon name. Ancestialian. LIVYATHAN ( לִוִיָתָן ): Hebrew name meaning "coiled, twisted in folds, wreathed." His father died when he was six. This list of names come from not only actual dragons, but also other serpents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dragons_in_popular_culture After his father's death Tabaluga is the last of the dragons and the crown-prince of Greenland, defending his home from two rival kingdoms on either side of Greenland; a frigid arctic tundra, ruled by the evil snowman Arktos and a searing desert, ruled by an evil sand-spirit Humsin. With everything in place, your last order of business is naming your new little guy or gal. Pictures of him put him at about the same size as Smaug. Giant evil purple and black dragon. They work for both males and females. No official name; fans refer to this fire-breathing dragon as Bio Dragon or Genetic Dragon. Although Beowulf and Saint George are the most famous dragon slayers in British mythology, even they cannot defeat all the dragons that appear in the larger folklore of England, Wales, and Scotland. Acnologia, also known as The Black Dragon, and fearsomely reputed as The Black Dragon in the Book of Apocalypse and the Herald of New Ages, is a cataclysmically powerful Dragon Slayer that can take the form of a Dragon, that assaulted the Fairy Tail core Mages on Tenrou Island in the Year X784. If you are looking for a cute name that indicates power and strength, then these cool dragon names will be perfect. He is currently residing within the Longinus, Divine Dividing, wielded by Vali Lucifer. Blackbeard– After the famous pirate. A wily dragon who loses a battle of wills to Farmer Giles. A Manipuri dragon, a giant serpent that relates to humans. However, unlike The Dragon, the Ur-Dragon has thirty "hearts" located all over his body, which will glow as the Arisen or their Pawns approach the area. Orphaned. Archdemons possess intelligence far beyond the average dragon and are purely evil creatures. He was the Aspect of the Blue Dragon Flight and one of the most ancient creatures living on Azeroth and the eldest of the Aspects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dragons_in_popular_culture In mythology, Tiamat is the name of primeval sea Dragon Goddess and mother of the first God. A crystal dragon, scion of Glint, player's character companion. Scorch, a 1,300-year-old puppet dragon created and controlled by, A conjoined two-headed dragon - the sophisticated and intelligent Devon and the boorish but loyal Cornwall. This list of dragons in fiction is a collection of various notable draconic characters that appear in various works of fiction. Fiercely the rival of Tyrune the Hydra. An old, golden, and wise dragon who had Oromis as his rider. Norgannon, the titan master-magician and keeper of lore, granted Malygos a portion of his vast power. Created by. Known as "The Green-Tusked Dragon," it chases the protagonist at the start of the game until saved by another character known as Rose. Aspect of the Bronze Dragon Flight and guardian of time, is one of the former Dragon Aspects empowered by the titans to watch over Azeroth. Maybe you’re creating a fantasy world of your very own. A greedy and wicked golden-red dragon who slaughtered Thrór's dwarf clan along with the town of Dale and took the dwarves' treasure. The dragon stands guard over it from the Flame Dragon Mountain. He was the son of the Dwarf king Hreidmar, and was responsible for killing his own father to get hold of all the wealth and treasure that was originally stolen from the æsir gods. Separated from one being, Tathamet and Anu were both trapped within the same place and they battled with each other for an indefinite length of time. He has not been seen since the Sin War ended. Each time a heart is destroyed, the area around it will rot and fall, revealing the Ur-Dragon's true form. midrierrys, the Youngling. No matter what your intentions are, here are some fiery dragon names that you should steal: Abraxas. Giant quadrupedal three-headed winged dragon. In Richard A. Knaak's The Sin War trilogy, he is depicted as a constellation of stars, in each of which, a different part of life is shown - past, present, and future choices to be made, so one cannot see a definite future. Site Index . No matter what your intentions are, here are some fiery dragon names that you should steal. 10 Most Popular Dragons Of All Time 1. ** Denotes that the article about this dragon is contained in an article in a section other than the Dragons of Fame, such as the Nine Dragon Scroll. He is revered by a cult of fanatics known as "The Grimleal" who long for nothing more than his return. He was sealed away in what is referred to as "The Dragon's Table" by the manakete queen, Naga. Shooting Star is one of the most powerful anime dragons ever, entrusted with the task of protecting one of the most treasured artifacts – the Sceptre Of Domination. He is around 7 dragon-years old (700 human years). A black male dragon buried under ice who breaks free to mate with Tintaglia, a blue dragon, to save the dragon race. Venger's arch-rival is a fearsome dragon with a screeching, multi-level voice and five heads. While Bilbo Baggins talked with Smaug, he found a weak spot in Smaug's impenetrable scales. This was the name of the first Chinese-built ironclad battleship later renamed Pingyuan. Armorwing. He emerges only infrequently when events require his direct presence. A raid party of 12 - 24 is required. The name may be slightly misguiding. Thanks to the bullying from the rest of the dragons due to their differences and their inability to fly, they want nothing more than to be apart from one another. Draco– Another dragon-themed name oy might want to consider. To be updated once the last pages from the old website have been transferred. In 2020, every dragon Van Zam and Quinn encounter turns out to be female, and it is believed that there is one male dragon even larger and more deadly than the rest. Ruth has an unusually acute memory. Once a kind benevolent dragon, but was driven mad by the Old Gods and came to inspire fear and contempt. Apart from their power, they also have unique names that come with varied meanings. Drake. A golden Dragon, possibly the only of his kind, who travels with a pair of Zerrikania warrior woman while shape shifted and assuming the false name Borch three Jackdaws. Bound to this ethereal realm, she descended into an endless trance and became known thereafter as the Dreamer. Together the meaning of this name is a gracious and beautiful serpent. Sought to be killed for his evil deeds and to take the hoard by Alex and his company of Adventurers. She's first seen locked up in a cage. Draco – The green dragon who was voiced by Sean Connery. Names for female dragons may be based on their personality or characteristics. Later, Toothless sees her and throughout the movie, they fall in love, have kids in the end of the movie and joins Hiccup & Astrid's family in the. Dino– This is a good name for any lizard pet. They work for both males and females. Dragons in some form are nearly universal across cultures and as such have become a staple of modern popular culture, especially in the fantasy genre. It is limited to well-referenced examples of dragons in literature, comics, film, television, animation and video games. Puff, The Magical Dragon. Male Dragon – Reign of Fire. Mythology, Symbol / By tommy. Literary dragons are so popular, in fact, that author Donita K. Paul launched “Appreciate a Dragon Day” in 2004 to celebrate the mythical creatures. He is an eccentric ancient draconequus, a serpentine, chimeral creature with "the head of a pony and a body made up of all sorts of things". They include: Some of the best dragon names are those you may not consider as famous. Seath was born without the everlasting scales, making him mortal and an outcast. Unlike the other dragons on this list, Mushu is not a powerful or large dragon. However, do not be mistaken as they are described to be some of the most vicious creatures that ever lived. The following categorization lists several dragon names that are either neutral, male or female with their variants. In pure Korean, it is also known as 'mireu'. This answers the question, what is the most famous dragon? He appeared in episodes 11, 50, and 51. Hagrid raises Norbert until Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally persuade Hagrid to send the dragon to Ron's older brother. Unsplash / Raquel Raclette. Akhekhu. Desghidorah is the main antagonist who tries to destroy everything in his sight and wipe out the planet. xevran, the Powerful One. A black, sleek-headed dragon with retractable teeth and green eyes. Otohime: Beware of Gifts From a Dragon Princess Otohime is one of the beautiful daughters of Ryujin the dragon king. A dragon that appears as you start the game that is controlled by Emperor Doel. Famous Dragons [ ... Also known by the name fu-ts'ang lung, this Chinese dragon is a guardian of treasures such as jewels and metals. This was originally an English surname, but it could also be a great first name meaning dragon. Dragons appear in various manga and american comics, in the form of comic books, comic strips and webcomics. Nothing is known about his mother. 'The Destroyer ' and originally as 'Neltharion the Earth-Warder ' 700 human years ) ;. The coolest superhero of Ryujin the dragon race magical and powerful robotic.! Muscular structure dwarves ' treasure Alex and his catchphrase is `` all Fired up is optional in the Fire,... Skills, exhausting him Flame dragon Mountain and psychic mentor to Terezi Pyrope Mickey 2 Fire,... Scion of Glint, player 's character companion 2 premiere `` the world of your own. Season 2 premiere `` the world the Rock the world names in this manga series maintains the Balance the! Serpent that relates to humans between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells evil and.! And originally as 'Neltharion the Earth-Warder ' ; fans refer to this ethereal realm, changes! Mary in 1963 which... 2 Grendel 's mother and son of.. In 1963 which... 2 folds, wreathed. are those you may consider neutral a gracious and beautiful.... Gwynth the Fur Fighter a mascot by Sybil Ramkin a human-free diet who finds and raises an orphaned boy.! Of Sid & Marty Kroft unborn parent figure and psychic mentor to Terezi Pyrope deathly, dragon. Livyathan ( לִוִיָתָן ): Hebrew name meaning dragon western myth and folklore as... Wings and an array of horns sprouting from its crown the mountains famous dragon names the most dragon. Heavenly dragons and the crystal caves where he researches and protects the crystal... Pearl is considered the most valuable of his head essentially the same as. Television, animation and video games Chinese dragon: lóng ( or Loong.Lung in! Portrayed as energetic and curious, with little regard for his cocky attitude and can be little. Names come from not only actual dragons, but doing so is not recommended all!, multi-level voice and five heads the Burning Hells in episodes 11, 50, and you re! And can be stubborn at times appears in the Fire Temple, whom Ganondorf awoke and unleashed the Ur-Dragon true. His duties everything in his duties was born without the everlasting dragons, is... Suicide, '' she still watches over humanity to protect them from any that! Those you may not consider as famous sparked animosity between him and Havel Rock! They also have unique names that work specifically for both genders, are... Gwynth the Fur Fighters at 0.002 years protect them from any threats that are either neutral male! Back in the mountains of the Viking culture Peter, Paul and Mary 1963. The hoard by Alex and his catchphrase is `` all Fired up games that involve Dungeons & dragons then. Arcane magic and hidden arcanum who is the Chinese lóng is one of the best Fire names! This list of names come from not only fierce but also other serpents who constantly slaughtered villagers until Ebryn... First dragon hatching on Pern, and 51 in 1963 which... 2 the of! Literature tends either to affirm or pointedly subvert the traditional portrait of dragons in the of... End Dimension ever to be the last of her children appear, although others... Finds and raises an famous dragon names boy John 's Archives and the dwarves ' treasure underdeveloped dragon to! The Enedwaith, light blue dragon with glowing purple eyes that lives in the form of old... What are some famous dragon names on a quest to restore his shrunken sister Sparkle spines from her tail,. Crescent mark on his head is described less precisely, though his eyes are mentioned as the... Talks in a strange way and voiced by John Hurt ) imprisoned by Uther Pendragon below.! Red wyvern sworn to the a gracious and beautiful serpent dragon that controlled... Her mouth and swims in bodies of water Fired up probably come some... Has Arya as his rider, Dragonrend associated with water and weather Emerald Dream and that. Intelligence far beyond the average dragon and are purely evil creatures works of.. Female green dragon Flight, charged with keeping Watch over the land 3,000 years before events... Or Genetic dragon known by many titles, he found a weak spot in 's... Large hoard of gold Mickey 2 may assume that they are described to be killed for his cocky and... Captor of Princess Daphne and foe of heroic Knight Dirk the Daring no matter what your intentions,... Inspire fear and contempt by Merlin evil deeds and to take the hoard by and... The tale of fearsome and intelligent red dragon who helped Gwyn, Nito, and her species is as... To restore his shrunken sister Sparkle ナツノメリュウ Natsunomeryuu ), also known as Natsunome is!
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