Penner Road 12V / 24V / 240V Compressor Fridges These mobile fridges run directly from your 12V or 24V battery, most also have the option of running from 230V too. A compressor refrigerator operates thanks to a special chemical substance. The CDF11 or CF11 is actually the smallest in their line of coolers. 96L 12/24/230V + FREE Cover, Challenger 300L Fridge Freezer. 90L 12/24V, Engel MT-V80FC Combi Fridge/Freezer. 230L 12/24V. Very quiet. 80L 12/24/230V, Challenger Slimline Compressor Fridge Freezer. Waeco CRX Compressor Refrigerator This compressor fridge is once again offered by Waeco, but this model allows customers to select from a choice of sizes to suit. New (Other) $415.65. Although it can fit only 18 cans or about 11 liters, it’s good enough if you want a cooler that you can place right beside you because of its small size.It is on the more expensive side than other coolers in our list, but the Dometic CDF11 is so much more energy efficient than others. 44L 12/24/230V + FREE Cover, Isotherm Cruise CR165 Fridge Freezer. 60L 12/24V, Compact Classic Kit 2012. BougeRV 23 Quart 12V Portable Refrigerator Car Freezer Fridge with Compressor,12/24V DC 110~240 Volt AC,-7℉~50℉ for Truck Van RV Jeep Camper SUV Boat,Travel Camping Road Trips Tailgating 4.4 … Fridge ≤ 200L OR Freezer ≤ 66L, Dometic CFX3-35 Fridge / Freezer. 150L 12/24V, Dometic RUC6408X Fridge Freezer. JP42 44 Quart Car Portable Fridge Freezer SECOP Compressor Refrigerator 12V/240V. It also appeared to have the largest variation in temperature on the thermostat with the freezer temperature rising to -13.7⁰C with the fridge temperature continuing to drop to 1.2⁰C. This is the second Vitrifrigoio fridge we have purchased from RV World (two... Review by Bruce. … Free returns. 165L 12/24V, Compact Classic Kit 2007. 108L 12/24/230V, Vitrifrigo C115i Fridge Freezer. 271L 12/24V, Compact Classic Kit GE80. Absorption / 3-way Fridge This is the oldest type of 12v refrigerators and it can run on 12v DC, AC or gas. The best type of compressor for a 12-volt refrigerator is a Danfoss compressor. OUT OF STOCK. Brand New. T1090, the first compressor refrigerator especially designed for the campervan. The 12 volt DC mode found in the standard three-way refrigerator can address some of these limitations, but this mode can also consume anywhere between 8 and 23 amps an hour, an overly excessive amount that would run an RV battery down in a single day. 12V / 24V DC Compressor Fridges – 190L | 285L Our DC-L range of large, two door DC fridges are ultra low-power and efficiently designed by Bushman. 219L 12/24V, Compact Classic Kit 2010. 60L 12/24/230V + FREE Cover, Isotherm Cruise CR219 Fridge Freezer. Fridge Only ≤ 60L, myCOOLMAN 44L Fridge / Freezer. Review by Ross. Home / Fridges & Vents / 12v Compressor Fridges 12v Compressor Fridges. These mobile fridges run directly from your 12V or 24V battery, most also have the option of running from 230V too. 75L 12/24V, Dometic CFX3-95DZ Fridge / Freezer Dual Zone. 99 FREE Delivery We are still selling and shipping parts to all European countries. Very happy with my choice though I have... Review by Carl. The battery level on the Vitrifrigo C51i remained the highest of the three fridges tested, reaching temperature quickest it cycled on and off twice on the maximum thermostat setting with the battery condition remaining closest to 12.5V. Cart: £0.00 (0 items )  |   PENGUIN REFRIGERATION LTD. We have long maintained that Vitrifrigo fridges are the most power efficient 12 volt compressor fridges on the market so imagine how pleased we were when we found this test report from Magnum Motorhomes. Thermoelectric style fridges have the ability to both warm and cool. Havant WXJWPZ Car Refrigerator Compressor Car Refrigerator 24V / 12V / 220-240V (20L / 26L / 30L) Electric Cooler Box Portable Fridge For Car Truck And Power Socket 20L,20l £470.99 £ 470 . A compressor fridges power requirement can be as low as 0.4A per hour for a 40 litre fridge. The DC compressors in mobile fridges are very energy efficient and can be easily powered with solar energy. Absolutely fantastic fridge. 133L 12/24V, Engel MT-V35F Fridge/Freezer. Fridge Only ≤ 125L, Vitrifrigo C42L Compressor Fridge Freezer. 82L 12/24/230V, Engel MT-V45FC Combi Fridge/Freezer. Fridge ≤ 170L OR Freezer ≤ 56L, Vitrifrigo C62i Compressor Fridge Freezer. Vitrifrigo’s new super efficient 12 volt top loading fridge, Introducing the all new Flostream Micro HIFLO10 water filter, 25% discount on any Campervan or Motorhome 12 volt fridge, Healthy and tasty drinking water with Wave Flostream water filters, Motorhome and Campervan Fridges and Freezers. 63L 12/24V, Compact Classic Kit 2016. 42L 12/24V, myCOOLMAN 69L Fridge / Freezer. Vitrifrigo Compressor Fridges and Waeco Compressor Fridges . Although Dometic claim their CRX 50 is 25% more efficient, in this test by Magnum Motorhomes, the Dometic CRX proved to be less efficient in terms of both cooling time and battery draw than either the Vitrifrigo C51i or the DC-50. 87L 12/24V, Engel MT-V60FC Combi Fridge/Freezer. Another type of portable caravan fridge is a 3-way fridge. I found this fridge easy to install, and it ran off my 200w solar panel/hou... Review by Dan J. 65L 12/24V, Dometic CFX3-75DZ Fridge / Freezer Dual Zone. Sold Out. I researched conventional compressor fridges as found in homes and found these are considerably more efficient than thermoelectric or absorption models. 135L 12/24/230V, Challenger Slimline Compressor Fridge Freezer. Free shipping. Fridge ≤ 125L with Icebox, myCOOLMAN 105L Fridge / Freezer. This is the leading compressor in the fridge industry, and with good cause. T2160 T2000. The Vitrifrigo C51i cooled fastest and stayed the coldest in the fridge, with the freezer compartment maintaining a temperature below -18⁰C. Lee at Magnum Motorhomes has been selling 12 volt compressor fridges for campervans and motorhomes for many years and understands the best way to specify and install them correctly. 12V DC Compressor Fridges. For more details of the super-efficient Vitrifrigo C51i 12V fridge, Click the link for the full test from Magnum Motorhomes or for details of their extensive range of campervan and motorhome parts and accessories visit their website:, Unit 2b, Alexandria Park DC fridges use a dedicated 12V / 24V compressor which is designed to operate in a moving vehicle. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The DC-50 took 48 minutes to reach temperature 4⁰C on the thermostat with the freezer at -24⁰C. A 12-volt refrigerator (sometimes known as a 12-volt cooler) is a portable unit that keeps food, drinks, and even medicine cold while you travel. Copyright © RV World Store - All Rights Reserved. Fridge ≤ 150L with Icebox, Engel SR70F Fridge Freezer. The test was simple and straightforward, running all three fridges on their maximum thermostat setting at the same time from their own fully charged 110A/H battery.

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